Visualizious is a research project about social indexing (a.k.a. social tagging), information retrieval and visualization.

The project is carried out by Yusef Hassan Montero and Víctor Herrero Solana (University of Granada, Spain).

Visualizing Social Indexing Semantics

This prototype allows visualizing both the overview and detail of semantic relationships intrinsic in the folksonomy. Pathfinder Network Scaling, clustering and interactive techniques has been used for this purpose. This approach provides a means of knowledge acquisition and understanding of the socially constructed meaning of tags, as well as a means of visual information retrieval

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Related papers

Hassan-Montero, Y.; Herrero-Solana, V. (2007) Visualizing Social Indexing Semantics. Preprint, March 2007.

Improved Tag-Clouds

Tag-Cloud is a simple and widely used visual interface model, but with some restrictions that limit its utility as visual information retrieval interface. It is due to: 1) The method to select the core set to display is based only on term frequency. This inevitably entails that displayed tags have a high semantic density. 2) Alphabetical sort of displayed tags neither facilitate visual scanning nor enable suggest semantic relation among tags.

Our work presents a novel approach to Tag-Cloud's tags selection, and proposes the use of clustering algorithms for visual layout, with the aim of improve browsing experience.

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improved tag cloud

Related papers

Hassan-Montero, Yusef and Herrero-Solana, Víctor
Improving Tag-Clouds as Visual Information Retrieval Interfaces (pdf)
I International Conference on Multidisciplinary Information Sciences and Technologies, InSciT2006. Mérida, Spain. October 25-28, 2006.


Previous Research (in spanish)

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Hassan Montero, Yusef and Herrero-Solana, Víctor
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Visualizious project is supported bySCImago group and No Solo Usabilidad journal. 2006-2007.